Let’s Do This…THE WEEKEND!!

Good Friday afternoon! Hope your Friday is going well today! Nothing like waking up in the morning and seeing some snow to start your day ;) I don’t mind snow, I just wish if we were going to get it, we would just get a TON of it!! That’s just what I think.
Well, do you have some fun plans for this weekend?? I have my final CrossFit competition tomorrow over in Decatur. I was very excited about it but since I’ve been sick this week, I’m not looking forward to it that much. I have a feeling my cardio/lungs are going to be struggling tomorrow. Oh well, I’ll do my best. The good thing about these CrossFit events is that I go and eat a TON OF FOOD that night as a way to celebrate that I did it ;) Not sure what tomorrow night will bring but I’m craving some pizza!!
Not much else is going on with me. I’m finishing up my Christmas shopping. Doing most of it online but some at the stores. I only have a few more gifts to get so that’s cool.
Well, I’m going to go eat some lunch and I’ll be talking to you at 6 o’clock!!

D.j. Blake