Ladies and Gentleman Let’s Welcome Winter Storm “Q”!!!

Good Wednesday morning to you!  Hope your are enjoying your HUMP DAY!  Well tomorrow should be the wonderful arrival of Winter Storm “Q”.  Not a very original name but what can you do.  “Q” is suppose to bring us a nice wintry mix of snow and ice and possibly leave us with 3-6inches of snow.  Now we all know what happens when they predict a storm like this for Central Illinois, it usually never happens or we don’t get very much.  Either way, keep close to WDBR for all weather updates!

Well 16 years ago a commercial came out that had everyone talking.  A man rolls down his car window and says, “Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?”  And that was it??  Well, what really happened after that!?  We finally get to see what happened 16 years later!! Check it out!

I know animals are smart but this horse could be named Mr. Ed!  He didn’t want to stay in his stall so he let himself out and his friends!!  WOW!

I guess the Japanese really like Leonardo DiCaprio!  Here he is in a new Jim Beam commercial.

Jimmy Kimmel did another YouTube prank.  I gave my wife or g/f a terrible Valentine’s Day present!!  Hahaha!

Did you know that a Mini Cooper can do a backflip??