Keep Fighting BULLS!

Happy Hump Day to you! Hope your HUMP DAY is going well! Mine is going GREAT! First of all the BULLS won last night! Whoooo Hooo!! YES!! They live for another game! Game #6 back in Philly tomorrow night! Let’s Go Bulls! What else good happened today…I got my truck back from the shop and it wasn’t as expensive as I had originally planned! That’s always a good thing! Ummm, my workout was BRUTAL and I’m super sore but I earned a REST DAY tomorrow!! That’s exciting for me! The only real bad thing that happened today was at 4a.m. I got a HUGE CHARLIE HORSE in my left hamstring! It was terrible! I thought I kicked my dog but he was out of the way! I hate those charlie horses because no matter what way you move, you think it helps but gets worse!! Hahahaha!! It was terrible!
I don’t really have much more going on. I’m just getting ready to head into the studio.
Talk to you at 6 o’clock!

D.j. Blake