Just another Tuesday…

Good Tuesday afternoon! Hope your day is going well so far! Mine is going just fine! Tuesdays are my l-l-l-ooonnnnggg day. I work at GOLD’s GYM from 8-12 noon, do a CrossFit Instinct WOD, then to work again! It makes for a long day but it’s all good. Not much has gone on since I spoke to you yesterday. The Bulls lost which wasn’t good, they have been playing great and resting D-Rose so hopefully when he get’s back we will be ready to WIN!
I’m already planning my little vacations for the summer. As of right now I’m going on a float trip! I’m excited! I’ve never been on one before but I hear they are a blast and I’m sure this one will be awesome! I’m also taking the jet ski down to the Ozarks again. I’m going to try to plan a trip to Cedar Point! Love me some rollercoasters! All in all it looks like a fun summer…we just need to keep the good weather going!
Well, that’s all I got for you for now! I’ll talk to you at 6 o’clock!

D.j. Blake

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