Just Another Manic Hump Day…I heard that somewhere…

Good Wednesday morning!  Hope your Wednesday is going great for you today!  It was a little cold and damp this morning but nothing too bad.  Sunshine will make it feel better later today.  BIG CARDINALS game today!  Let’s GO CARDINALS!!  They have got to get two wins in Washington!  Let’s GO CARDINALS!!

Now I’m not a very political guy at all and if you’ve read my blog before you know that.  Anyways, I still know a good campaign ad when I see one and this is it!  When you can incorporate Big Bird into a campaign ad that’s just awesome!

Now we have a 1,175 lb Pumpkin!!  Yes, you heard me…1,175 lb pumpkin!

Just in time for Halloween, kids “Gettin’ Sugar High”

An 84 lb catfish!  CLICK HERE to see video of an 84 lb catfish!  WOW!!

A kid is doing a TV interview about bullying when a bully comes after him during the video!!  CRAZY!!  CLICK HERE to watch the video!

I went and got that FRESH new haircut today!!  Thanks to Shelby at Bently’s in Rochester for the hook up!!  Here’s the BEFORE picture











And now here’s the AFTER photo!!  Rockin’ that MOHAWK!!