Just a flared up disc…you know typical stuff…wah wah

Good Wednesday afternoon!  Hope your day is going well so far.  As I told you yesterday I tweaked my back a little bit working out so I went and saw Dr. Mike Jones with The Chiropractors – Springfield today and he “cracked” me back into shape.  I have some stretching to do and some icing and a follow up on Friday and hopefully all will be well.  Thanks Dr. Jones!  Every time I get hurt all I want to do is eat!!  It’s like I feel sorry for myself not being able to workout so I want to eat.  My g/f loves it but I have to hold off ;)  Once I get cleared, it’s right back to BEAST MODE training!  My guys Zach and Matt over at GNC NORTH (across from Walmart on Dirksen) have got me ready to roll!!  Make sure you stop in and see those guys!

Talk about strange addictions!!  This lady eats scotch tape!  WOW!!

It’s the new way of breaking up with someone, it’s called “GHOSTING.”  You just stop texting, talking, calling and e-mailing.  You become a GHOST from a person!  CLICK HERE to see the video and read the article!

I know you always think about streaking at a sporting event!  Here is the PERFECT way to pull off and execute a streaking!

Check out this cat just chillin’ at park watching a kid shoot hoops!  Hahahaha!!  Looking like a human!

Chris Brown got a new tattoo that looks very, very similar to Rihanna.  He says it’s a, “Day Of The Dead” skull.  What do you think???  CLICK HERE to see what the DAY OF THE DEAD skull looks like.

Check out PSY teaching Ellen and Britney how to dance the “Gangnam Style” dance!