It’s Your Weekend Re-Cap!

Good Monday morning! Hope your day has started off great and I hope you had an awesome weekend! It’s time for the Weekend Re-Cap
Saturday: Woke up early and got a WOD in at CrossFit Instinct! Then went grocery shopping. After grocery shopping I headed home and decided that I needed to learn how to set up my truck tent that I got from my Dad. Basically it’s a pop up tent that goes on the bed of a truck so you don’t have to sleep on the ground! It was about 100 degrees outside and I put up this tent in no time! I’m going on a float trip in July and I wanted to make sure it worked. I think it will! After the tent fun, I then took it down and went inside to chill down for a bit and actually ended up taking a nap with my dog! He was passed out on the couch so I joined him! After the nap I headed out to my my buddy Marcus and Lauryn’s for a little grilling and hanging out! I took the dj equipment and played some tunes! We ate and had a great time looking at the SUPER MOON!
Sunday: Woke up and went to church. After church I headed straight to CrossFit Instinct for a photo shoot. A fellow cross fitter wanted to update his portfolio so a few of us did some CrossFit lifts and he captured it all on film! It was a blast and they turned out great! I’ll be sure to post a few once we get them back! After the photo shoot I headed home to cook my food for the week and watch the Bulls. They lost ;( NOT COOL! Then it was dinner with my lady and an old movie, “Face Off” to wrap up the night!
That was my weekend! Hope yours was just as awesome as mine! Can’t wait for summer and getting on the lake!
Talk to you tonight at 6 o’clock!

D.j. Blake

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