It’s HUMP DAY! Oh yeah!!

Good Wednesday morning!  Happy Hump Day To You!  Let’s get over the HUMP of the week and head towards the long weekend! It’s just been one of those days this mornings you know, can’t get focused when I need to and there’s people being LOUD all around my cubicle and driving me crazy!!  Hahahaha!!!  My headphones won’t even keep the noise out!!  Oh well, what can you do!

Well the KING OF POP would have been 54 years old today!  Happy Birthday Michael Jackson!  R.I.P.  My favorite video, first time he did the moonwalk!

Well if you ever get a parking book on your car, just saw it off!!  Hahaha!!  Who keeps a saw with them just for this reason??

Talk about a CELEBRITY PRANK!!  This is just a typical guy who gets all of New York to think he’s a famous celebrity!  CLASSIC