It’s finally Friday!

What up Friday?! Hope your rainy Friday is going well for you! Mine is going great so far! I got a new PR on HELEN at CrossFit Instinct today! It was only by 2 seconds but hey, a PR is a PR. (PR = Personal Record) Then went upstairs at Gold’s Gym and played some serious basketball today! It was great! Got up and threw down an awesome dunk and I’m trying to get the video up on our WDBR webpage right now. Check it later to see if it’s up there!
Plans for the weekend include: Hopefully working on the jet ski a little bit and hopefully transferring EVERYTHING to the Mac! HOPEFULLY! I am also going to workout and just chill with some friends. Not a whole bunch going on!
Well, I’ll talk to you at 6 o’clock tonight!

D.j. Blake