It’s been awhile! I’m sorry I was out sick :(

Good Monday afternoon!  Hope your Monday is going well for you today!  Wow!  It’s like I haven’t talked to you in almost a week!  I’m so sorry, I was out sick Thursday and Friday and all I’m going to say is, it wasn’t fun.  I did make it back for TAILGATE WITH BLAKE in ATHENS and it was AWESOME!  Thanks to everyone who came out on Friday night!  This Friday I’ll be in New Berlin!  Get ready Pretzels because D.j. Blake is coming your way!

Here’s a quick re-cap of what I did all day Saturday and Sunday after I started feeling better…I painted and did handy man work at my g/f’s new house!  It’s going to be a long process but it’s going to look AMAZING when it’s done!  Can’t wait!

Well Chris Brown has his new album out and over in the UK it has a nice sticker on it!  A sticker that tells people not to buy his album because he beats women!  This is no joke!  CLICK HERE to read the full article and see the sticker!

This guy takes Gangnam Style all over New York City!

Usually it’s the dog who goes and gets the mail, not this time!  Watch this cat grab the mail!

A GO PRO video camera is used by extreme athletes or people who take video while doing crazy, fun, sometimes dangerous activities.  You just strap it to you and it’s built to last!  I mean built to last anything!  This guy was skydiving and his fell off his helmet and crashed on the ground and kept working!  That’s all the proof I need!  I’m buying one!

***VIDEO****  I want a GO PRO camera super bad!!!