It was a J.T. sort of night last night :)

Good Wednesday afternoon to you!  Hope your HUMP DAY is going well!  We are getting over the HUMP and heading towards the weekend!  Last night was a J.T. sort of night for me after work.  I went home and it was just me and the dogs so I decided to put on J.T.  That’s right, Justin Timberlake LIVE from Madison Square Garden, the Future, Sex, Love  Sounds DVD!  I went to that tour when he came to Chicago and it was AWESOME!!  I just sat there and did some work from home with the soothing sounds and magnificent dance moves of the one and only Mr. Justin Timberlake!!  (I got goosebumps just typing that…haha)  Don’t judge me, I know an amazing performer when I see one!!  Well that was pretty much my night right there, it was all good.  Today has been filled with an AWESOME CrossFit Instinct WOD and some Gold’s Gym basketball!!!  Now I’m back at work and ready for a nap!!

Remember “Balloon Boy” from 2009??  His name was Falcon Heene and the whole scandal that this kid was up in a balloon etc…it was crazy.  Well now Falcon is 9 years old and in a band.  Check out the HEENE BOYZ!!

The IKEA Monkey brushing his teeth!!

Tennis superstar, Caroline Wozniacki pokes fun at Serena Willimas.  Some people say it’s racist…what do you think??  Caroline later said she’s good friends with Serena and she actually laughed.

Well since Avril Lavigne is now marrying Chad Kroeger I guess she can start covering Nickelback songs.

High School basketball in Kentucky gets very intense!  Even the mascots start fighting!

Will Smith and his son Jaden are starring in a new movie called, “After Earth.”  It’s directed by M. Night Shymalan…looks awesome!!

New Superman movie “Man Of Steel” comes out next summer!!