It was a hot tub kind of morning!

Good Thursday afternoon to you! Hope your day is going well today! It started off crappy this morning but cleared up very nicely! I was up early doing laundry and just relaxing. I took a rest day on Tuesday from CrossFit and my body still feels just wrecked so, I decided to relax today and I got in the hot tub for like 20 mins and I’m going to do some stretching/mobility tonight in the studio for sure!! Just trying to get feeling good for the CrossFit Games 12.3 WOD! I’m doing it tomorrow at 10:30a.m. at CrossFit Instinct ( It’s going to be a crazy one!! 18 Mins – As many rounds as you can of: 15 box jump/12 push press 115lbs/9 Toe 2 Bar…yeah 18mins of crazyness!! We’ll see how it goes!
Let’s all say BYE BYE to the ILLINI and possibly Bruce Webber. Once again I did NOT watch their game today which they LOST against IOWA in the first round of the Big 10 Tournament. I’ve never been so disappointed in a team before. Usually I would watch even when I thought they might lose but this year, I didn’t watch the last 6 games because I knew, I knew they would lose. Something has to be done…not sure what but there needs to be a change somewhere.
Well, I won’t rant and rave anymore and I’ll just go back to work. Talk to you at 6 o’clock!!

D.j. Blake

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