Is it the weekend yet :(

Good Thursday afternoon!  Hope your day is going great so far!  Do you feel like this week is just dragging by??  Maybe it’s because I have something to do this weekend.  I’m going to Champaign with a few buddies to the ILLINI game!  I’m super excited and can’t wait but, it’s just taking forever to get here!!  Oh well, just  1 1/2 more days!  Ok so I admit I’m not much of a cookie fan but, when I was young there was nothing better than an Oreo (I prefer vanilla over chocolate) soaked in milk!  Well I’ve found out that some people like just the cream or just the cookie patties but not both together.  One man decided that he would create a device so he could eat just the cookie part!  It’s called the Oreo Separator and here it is!!  AWESOME!!

A survey today said that 35% of women cry every single week.  Well, I’m a sports guy but I’m also very emotional and if there’s a sports story that’s happy/sad, I’m most likely going to cry.  With that being said, watch this if you haven’t cried this week!

This poor guy is just cruising along competing in his 50 mile bike race when all of a sudden….BAM!!!  Hit by a deer!!  Check it out!

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are leading the campaign!  Join in!

Harry Styles from One Dirction asks, “Who throws a shoe?”

OMG!  It’s a Hot Tug!!  It’s a hot tub but also a tug boat!  AMAZING!

Even 20 years after her death, Audrey Hepburn still lands a spot in a new commercial!