Is it the weekend yet??!!

Good Thursday afternoon! A little windy out but still hot! I got my hair colored today! Yup! I went out to Willow & Birch and got some RED put up in my hair! I told Jessica at Willow & Birch that if they raised $750.00 or more for St. John’s Children’s Miracle Network that I would let her color my hair…well…they did it! See the pictures online at!
I had to sit in the hot tub this morning because my hamstrings were killing me! I let Divot outside to run around and I just chilled in the hot tub for about 20mins and did some stretching. I love my rest days! If the wind dies down I might take a late night job when I get off work! Who knows!
Big long holiday weekend coming up! Make it through today because you know tomorrow if your boss is nice you will get out early! :)
I’ll tell you all about my weekend tomorrow.
Talk to you tonight!

D.j. Blake