Is it spring??

Good Tuesday afternoon!  Is it spring outside?  Talk about having just a few cold days and now it’s back up to like 50 outside!  That’s just crazy!!  Well I’m not a big college football fan but WOW did Alabama just roll the IRISH last night!!  I was cheering for the Irish but it just wasn’t their night!  Oh well, they had a great year!  In other sports news the BULLS dominated the Cavs last night!!  That was a good thing to see.  Bulls and Illini play tomorrow night so that will be a good night!!

Well I ordered myself some d.j. speakers yesterday from a place in Wisconsin and they got here TODAY!!  WOW!!  Talk about crazy fast shipping!!  That’s nuts!!  I can’t wait to try them out!!

So what would you do if you were on a big escalator with lots of people on it and suddenly it started going in reverse!?  That would be crazy!  Well it happened in Jersey City the other day during rush hour!!  Check it out!

I never knew that James Franco was such a huge Justin Bieber fan!  Check out Franco’s music video!!

And this is what happens when two drunk girls interrupt a sports guy doing a LIVE broadcast!!  He handled it like a boss and just rolled with it!!

I have to give this guy credit, he went around and used the 100 worst pick-up lines to try and get girls!! However I don’t think he got any!!  ***WARNING…WARNING…BAD WORDS AHEAD…WARNING…WARNING***

I thought TRUST FALLS went out of style a few years ago…NOPE I was wrong!!  They are still super funny!!!