Is it November??!!

Good Wednesday afternoon!  Hope your day is going well!  Is it November??  It feels like spring and it’s going to get warmer by the weekend!  Yeah I’m talking 65 on Saturday!  Awesome weather!  Can’t believe it.  Well I started some new training at CrossFit Instinct with one of our coaches, Tim, today and wow!  I’m feeling it!  It’s all good though!!  It’s good to switch stuff up and try a different way of training!  I’m ready for it!  If you think you are ready for CrossFit, check them out!

Ok here is the wonderful Day 28!  All up in the studio!











Justin Bieber had a rough week.  He got booed in Toronto the other night and got beat up by Peter Griffin on Family Guy!

Lindsay Lohan helped Jimmy Fallon on a skit!  She’s really trying to make this comeback!

This tiny dog fetches a cat!  Yeah!  He basically gives the cat a piggy-back ride!

Ke$ha performing LIVE on the TODAY show!

Bruno Mars performing LIVE on X-Factor UK!

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