I’m sorry about Friday :(

Good Monday afternoon! I’m so sorry about Friday :( I got super busy and didn’t have anytime to do a BLOG. I hope you are not mad and please forgive me if you are!
Now onto the Weekend Re-Cap and what a weekend it was! Well, let’s just begin on Saturday. Woke up early, loaded up the jet ski and headed into town to do some more painting at my g/f aunt’s house. After that headed out to the lake around 12 noon. It was cloudy but still fun. Took a nice nap next to the pool at the Elk’s Club and rode around on the jet ski for a bit. After the lake time was done, headed home and watched a movie. We watched “Horrible Bosses” and it was AWESOME! Jennifer Anniston is sssoooo super hot it’s not even really funny! I say watch it if you haven’t seen it yet.
Sunday – woke up early and went to church. Then headed over to CrossFit Instinct for a nice WOD then it was wait for the rain to quit and head out to the lake! We ate some lunch to kill time while it was raining and man once it cleared up it was AWESOME outside! Did some serious jet skiing yesterday. My buddy Jim and Mike came out and we took turn riding this 1986 old school jet ski. It was a half stand up half kneel down! Take a look!
Talk about a workout! Then my other buddies came out on their boat…Chase, Matt and Scott. I tied up with them for a bit and then called it a day. Went home and watched “The Sitter” with Jonah Hill. It was funny but not that funny. I liked it! I say go rent it if you haven’t see it. Then it was night time and I went to bed.
Other things that happened to me…my dog, Divot, caught a rabbit…that was interesting. Not going to expand on that one. Ummm…went to the store to get some produce with my g/f and the cashier lady says, “Pardon Me.” then opens up the cilantro and buries her face in it and took a HUGE wiff of it!! Are you freakin’ kidding me! I looked at my g/f like, “What the F*&K did she just do?!” The cashier lady continues saying, “My friend use to grow cilantro in her house and it smelled so good.” Yeah, I’m sure it did. Too bad she didn’t do that to the underwear I was buying! WOW!!!
That’s my crazy long weekend! Hope yours was as awesome as mine!
Talk to you tonight at 6 o’clock.

D.j. Blake

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