Good Tuesday afternoon!  Well, the good news from the title of this post is I’M CLEARED!!  I went for my superficial thrombosis follow-up and the doctor cleared me!  I went back to the gym today and it was awesome!!  I’m exhausted but it was awesome!  I’m glad to be back!  So let’s talk coupons.  It seems that everyone loves coupons and there are two guys from New York who might have hit the marketing scene right on the head!  They are putting coupons on toilet paper!  You heard it right!  Just scan the code and continue with your business!  Click HERE to see the full story!

Green Day is teaming up with Angry Birds for a new game that will have 10 new levels!  It drops this fall!  Check it out!

Mark your calendars!  This Sunday is National Go Topless Day!  Plan accordingly!

I don’t really know what Lady Gaga is doing but, it’s really pushing the envelope.