I’m Bbbbaaaaccckkkk!!! Took an extra day off…

Well good Tuesday afternoon!  I’m back!  I took yesterday off to enjoy a little more of my holiday weekend!  Hopefully you all had a very nice holiday weekend!  Now just think, in a few weeks we do it all over again for Christmas!  Woot! Woot!  I can’t wait!  Well I would give you a detailed recap of my weekend but that would take me forever so, I’ll try to keep this short and sweet.  Spent Thanksgiving with Dad and Step-Mom and had some awesome food!  Cowboys lost so I was sad :(  Friday made a trip over to my buddies cabin to enjoy some great outdoors with great friends and great food!  If you’ve never had turkey cooked on a Green Egg, I suggest you do it!  AMAZING!  Spent the weekend at the cabin and came home on Sunday.  Cleaned the house and did some laundry.  Watched a movie, “Aberaham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.”  It was good!  I liked it!  Yesterday on my day off took the newest dog, Barkley, to the vet.  He was so scared he was good!!  Did some yard work, worked out and watched “Expendables 2.”  Lots of action and an amazing cast of action actors!  I recommend it!!  That was my weekend in a nutshell!  Now, I must update you on my beautiful moustache!  Here are the day by day pictures starting Thanksgiving!

Day 22.  My Dad and I on Thanksgiving!  Like Father Like Son!  Original Moustache Man!











Day 23











Day 24











Day 25











Day 26











Day 27











It’s called MILKING and it’s like PLANKING only cooler!  Can’t wait to do this one!!

Bieber got BOOED in Toronto!

Gangnam Style Christmas Lights

Best Black Friday Prank EVER!

SECOND best Black Friday Prank EVER!!