I’m back from the Ozarks!

Good Monday morning! Hope you are staying cool, it’s not getting any cooler out there that is for sure! Well, I’m back from my mini vacation from Lake of the Ozarks! It was awesome! The only bummer was I didn’t get a jet ski, oh and my bottom lip is burnt and it HURTS!!! We won’t discuss either of those. Anyways, the Ozarks was awsome! Great weather, great food, great friends, and just an all around great time! We hit some serious waves on the jet-skis! Wow, there were some HUGE boats! Boats that could be on the ocean for sure! We went to several bars on the lake and I tried an ice tea and water from each one and they were AWESOME! If you have never been to the Ozarks, I suggest you go, it’s a great time!
Hope I didn’t miss much while I was gone! I’ll be in the studio at 6 o’clock tonight!! Talk to you then!

D.j. Blake