I’m back from my 4-Day Weekend!

Good Tuesday afternoon to you!  I’m back from my 4-Day weekend and I have a lot to tell you so let’s just get it started!!  Friday was a rainy and cold day, perfect for Christmas Shopping!  Between a little west side shopping and buying online, I have all my shopping done except my wonderful girlfriend!!  I will be working on that this evening hopefully ;)  I know she reads this which makes it even better…hahahaha!!  After shopping we packed up our stuff and our dogs and headed to Pontiac.  Barkley did great the whole ride home until we were 2 blocks away and he threw up in the car!!  Uggghhh!!  Oh well, not a big deal.  Saturday was an early morning and headed down to Bloomington for the Moustache Clash!!  It’s a day outside with CrossFit style events, food, games, and drinks!!  It was an AWESOME time!!  It was freezing cold but still an awesome time!!  I dressed up like State Fair Steve and didn’t even have to paint my moustache on!!  See the pictures below!  After the Moustache Clash it was back home to Pontiac to shave off the mustache :(  That video is below as well.  Then it was out to dinner for my little sister, Dani’s, birthday!!  I had me a huge bacon cheeseburger and some sweet potato tater tots!!  Delicious!!  After dinner we watched the BULLS get a win and the ILLINI beat up on Gonzaga!!  It was a great Saturday night!!  Sunday was my Mom’s side of the family’s ThanksMas dinner!  We combine Thanksgiving and Christmas and this year we all dressed up with Ugly Christmas Sweaters!!  See the picture below.  Monday I was back in Spirngfield and just doing my thing.  I cooked my food for the week, got a WOD in and then watched “Fire With Fire.”  Good movie!!  I recommend it!!  Then it was up and off to work this morning!!  Wow, I’m tired from just typing that.

Well here’s what State Fair Steve looked like at the 2nd Annual Moustache Clash on Saturday!











And here’s the video of me saying, “Bye, Bye, Bye” to my beautiful Moustache!

Here’s my sister Dani, Myself, and sister Raegan with our awesome ugly christmas sweaters on!











Oh and Barkley decided to open the presents I got for my Dad while we weren’t home earlier today!!











FINALLY!!  Now mexican food can be delivered to you!!  By airplane!!

And now, Yoko Ono covers Katy Perry – Firework.  Or at least I think it’s suppose to be Firework…WOW!!  This is BAD!!