Good Wednesday Morning and Happy Hump Day!  I’m up and at ‘em early today and just wanted to say what’s up!  Maybe I’m excited because the ST. LOUIS CARDINALS are back in the POST SEASON BABY!!!  It’s October and ANYTHING can happen!  Let’s Go Birds!!  Let’s get #12 in ’12!!!  Not much else is really going on with me.  Still organizing and unpacking at the new house.  There is still some painting of cabinets to do but that will get done in time.  Ok well, I’m going to just get right into the funny videos!!

Looks like Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey are getting along GREAT on American Idol…NOT!!  Nicki goes off on Mariah!!  Check it out!

Of course Honey Boo Boo would make it on South Park!

It seems like everyone has a sex tape these days!  Now it seems Bar Refaeli wants one too!!  She got help from the guys at!  Hahaha!!  Check out the video on how she will raise money for this project!!  ***WARNING…CONTENT MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN….18 and OVER PLEASE…WARNING***

It’s not even Christmas time yet but a Cee-Lo Green and Christina Aguilera Christmas Duet has been leaked!!  Take a listen!  CLICK HERE to hear the duet!!!

Go behind the scenes with One Republic on their song Feel Again!

This new anchor address bullying!  She was a victim and she’s had enough!

A guy crashed his million dollar Bugatti car into a lagoon to collect the insurance!  Not so fast!!  A person caught it on video and now he’s in court!  CLICK HERE to see the news story!!