Good Wednesday morning! Happy Hump Day to you! It’s a very nice day outside today, so nice that I decided to let Divot out for the whole day! He will be exhausted when I get home tonight!
Let’s talk sports real quick. BULLS play tonight and they can claim the #1 spot in the eastern conference! GO BULLS!! Hopefully D-Rose will be ready for the playoffs!! In other sports news, let talk about how my CARDINALS have lost 2 games to the Cubs. I think it’s funny that last night when the Cubs won, they celebrated more than the Cardinals did after they won the World Series! It’s a regular season game! WOW! I guess you have to enjoy the little wins since you won’t get any in the post season ;) GO CARDINALS!!
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I’m out of here for now, talk to you at 6 o’clock!

D.j. Blake