How About Them Bulls!

Ok, first of all, Good Monday Morning! Second of all, I know I’m a sports guy and I apologize to those of you who aren’t but…HOW ABOUT THEM BULLS!!!??? Oh my gosh! What an amazing game on Saturday! They were down all game and came back in the final minute to win it! Game 2 is tonight! Actually, all the NBA Playoff games were great this past weekend!
Also, if you were at the Team Warrior Concepts Freedom Fight Series on Saturday you saw a really good show! Tamikka Brents, who I interviewed, smoked her challenger in 22 seconds! It was crazy! X-KRUSH RAWKED the crowd and it was a fun time!
Well, make sure you listen up close to Celebrity Juice tonight because I will have a trivia question about one of the stories tomorrow and your chance to win some FREE TACO BELL!!! Stay tuned!
Have a great Monday! Talk to you later!

D.j. Blake