Holy Snow!
Holy Snow!

Good Monday afternoon!  WOW!  Talk about a snow storm!  It only took me about 3 hours to get home today from Bloomington!!  It was crazy!!  I left Pontiac yesterday afternoon thinking I would be ok.  Everything was all good until just before Towanda.  Some guy in a red monte carlo decided to hit his breaks!!  The car in front of me went right, I went left and the car behind me went right!  I hit the rumble strips on the side of the road, that woke my dog, Divot, up and I slowly got back into the lane.  I took the next exit which was Towanda.  I called my buddy Eric and I said, “Can you have dogs at your apartment?”  He said, “Yeah.  Why?”  I said, “I just about wrecked on I-55 and I’m coming over!!”  So there you have it!  I stayed in Bloomington last night and made a 3 hour drive home today!!  It was not fun!!  Oh well it’s all good now and we are moving like clock work!

Well it may seem that Michael Jackson was NOT the first person to do the classic “Moonwalk.”  Watch this video!!  **You can fast forward to almost the end for the Moonwalk**

All you Backstreet Boys fans!!  Here they are doing the Harlem Shake!!

There were 2 amazing golf shots over the weekend…ONE from in the water and another from in a tree!!

Sometimes I wish our advertisers would let ads like this come out for real!!  The Kardashians were at the center of a new Ford campaign…it has been rejected but I think it’s AWESOME!!  SEE IT HERE!!  

Well happy 15th anniversary to ‘NSYNC!!  They released their debut album on March 24, 1998!!!  WATCH THEIR FIRST MTV INTERVIEW!!  

I can’t even solve ONE CUBE by itself and this guy solved THREE while juggling them!!!