Hey Te’o…like my g/f???

Good Friday morning to you!  It’s looking like a great day and a very pleasant weekend!!  High of 45 today and 50 tomorrow!!  Perfect weather for the CrossFit Competition going on at Capitol City CrossFit tomorrow!!  That’s right my back is feeling good!  I meet with my teammate Woody yesterday and we did some talking about strategy and I really feel that all of the competitors from our gym, CrossFit Instinct, are going to DOMINATE tomorrow!!  Let’s GO INSTINCT!!  In other news, I think my g/f and I might go see the movie “Broken City” tonight!!  I mean how can you go wrong with Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe, Catherine Zeta- Jones!!  Looks like a blockbuster to me!!  Speaking of what my g/f and I might be doing this evening, I mean just take a look at her!  Isn’t she beautiful!!













The #1 song in America got a nice Dubstep remix!!  Check out The M Machine REMIX of Locked Out Of Heaven.

The BIG story from yesterday and into today was of course Lance Armstrong speaking with Oprah.  Here are two videos and a link to get you caught up on the story.

CLICK HERE for ESPN’s highlight video of the entire interview.

Skrillex celebrated his 25th birthday the other day and almost had a Michael Jackson Pepsi hair incident!!

Did you ever wonder what the Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air theme song really means when it’s translated???  Let these guys tell you!!