Hello Wednesday!!

Well Good Wednesday afternoon!!! Hope you are having a wonderful day! It started off bad with storm this morning but now it’s not to bad outside. Well, if you didn’t know, I sold my jet ski last week :( Yup, she’s gone! But now, I’ve got to get a new one that goes faster :) Let me know if you see or hear of any Sea-Doo RXP between the years 2004-2006. Then I’ll see you on the lake!! Not much else is really going on, I’m just hearing all these LeBron James jokes…check it out. I asked LeBron for a dollar, but all he has is 3 quarters!!! Hahahahaha!!! Just one of many I’m sure you might have heard!!
Ok, I’ve got new music on 1st play tonight from Britney Spears!! Also, Taco Bell Celebrity Juice Trivia just past 8 o’clock!!

D.j. Blake