Hello Tuesday :)

Good Tuesday afternoon!  Are you staying cool?  Man it’s just super hot!  I wouldn’t mind it so much if I was out on the lake like everyday but I have this thing called a job that I have to do :(  Oh well, what can you do…just wait for the weekends!  Not much is really going on with me today, Tuesday is my long day so I worked at GOLD’s GYM this morning and then came straight over to the radio station!  Oh I forgot to tell you, for those of you who enjoy CrossFit or working out in general, I got a new Personal Record (PR) is back squat yesterday!  330# !  I was so excited!  My old max was 285# in February!  That’s a 45# jump in 5 months!  I was super excited and I still am!  Shout out to CrossFit Instinct and Chief CrossFit!!

Well fellas if you are having some trouble with ladies, the guys from NEON TREES are here to help!!

I thought about not posting this but what is this kid on?  And what was he thinking?  GOD BLESS all those families in Colorado.

You know when a picture is taken at the most perfect time how awesome it is! Well check out all of these perfect pictures!

Check out Rainn Wilson and Blake Griffin in a van together!