Happy Birthday RAEGAN!!!

First of all today, I would like to take a quick second to wish my little sister, RAEGAN, a very Happy 15th Birthday!  Happy Birthday Raegan!  See you this weekend!  Love ya!!

Hope your Wednesday is going well so far! Have you seen these ladies??


If you have then maybe you were golfing in Alton, IL recently! These two ladies were arrested for flashing golfers! Police said when they arrived they were exposing their “sexual organs.” Oh come on now, just say boobs! You make it sound worse by using “sexual organs.”

Lady Gaga got hit on stage with a pole by one of her backup dancers! She actually got a concussion and well by the looks of it…it hurt!

Oh and just incase you didn’t hear the news!

How about those OKC THUNDER baby! BIG win in game #1 last night! While I’m on the topic of NBA, let’s make clear the bet that was made yesterday with my boss and afternoon jock, Jason. Here is the bet: If the Miami Heat win the 2012 NBA Finals – I, D.j. Blake, must make my own shirt with bubble paint that says, “I Love Lebron” and I also must eat a twinkie.
Huh…now that I wrote that down, I never said what he had to do if the Thunder win…I’ll get back to you on that!

Talk to you tonight at 6 o’clock!

D.j. Blake