Happy Thanksgiving Eve!!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve to you!  Hope your day is going well so far!  It was a foggy one this morning so please be careful if you are traveling this holiday weekend!  Big game for the ILLINI basketball team tonight!  Let’s Go ILLINI!!  My plans are simple, I’m heading back home to Pontiac and spending Thanksgiving with my Dad and Step Mom’s side of the family.  Then I’m heading out of town to my buddies cabin to just get away and relax for the weekend.  By relax I mean will will eat tons of food, ride some 4 wheelers and have paintball fights!!  I can’t wait!!  I would like to take a second and just say that I’m very thankful for my health, family, friends, dogs, and just being able to hopefully make you smile or laugh each and everyday!  I try to be a real simple guy and I’m thankful for the things closest to me!  Please enjoy your holiday weekend with your family and friends and I will talk to you soon!  Happy Thanksgiving!!

Day 21!  NoShaveNovember MoustacheClash!  I’ll try to keep you updated over the weekend but if not, I’ll post all weekend moustache pictures on Monday.











Justin Bieber held up traffic to talk to a paparazzi!  I actually respect him for doing this!  Leave the kid alone!  He’s just driving around!

More Bieber!  A sneak peak of his interview with Oprah.

And now just in time for the holidays, Dumb Ways To Die!

Check out the NBA new commercial for their Christmas day uniforms!

He scored 138 points in a game!!