Happy St. Patty’s Day EVE!!
Happy St. Patty’s Day EVE!!

Happy St. Patty’s Day EVE!!  Hope your Friday is going great!!  It’s so nice out!  I wish I was outside but I’m inside and just watched the ILLINI lose :(  Oh well, I think they are still getting into the BIG DANCE!!  Do you have any big plans for the weekend??  I’m playing in an Old School Hoops basketball tournament in Williamsville!  It should be a good time!  Two games on Saturday and then a single elimination tournament on Sunday!  Go Team Green Family Stores!!

Well it looks like the Portland Police Department really has something to say about the Harlem Shake!

What if you could go and visit ALL of your Facebook friends??  This kid is!!

So I guess scientists have confirmed the discovery of “God Particle.”  I don’t really understand it but it seems cool!!

Taylor Swift opening monologue at her Red World Tour!

Check out the features on the all new Samsung Galaxy S4!!

Awesome Suit & Tie remix/cover!!

And now an amazing kid playing the washing machine like drums!

Justin Bieber goes on an INSTAGRAM rant and rave and even calls out Lindsay Lohan!!