Happy No-Shave November!!

Good Thursday afternoon!  Hope you are having a great Thursday so far!  My day is going great because it’s the FIRST OF NOVEMBER and you know what that means…No-Shave November!!  It’s all about raising awareness for men’s prostate cancer.  You see in October REAL MEN WEAR PINK on Fridays to raise awareness about breast cancer so in November guys grow mustaches or do not shave at all to raise awareness for men’s prostate cancer!!  I will post a picture everyday of my progress!!  You can see Day #1 below!  I did my final clean shave for a month or so!  My g/f is thrilled about this…NOT!!  Hahaha!!  She’s a great sport about it though.  Not only will I have an amazing mustache but an awesome mohawk as well…can’t wait for it!!

Day #1 of No-Shave November also called MoVember (Day 1 – last clean shave for a month!)











I know just how this girl feels!  I’m tired of all this political stuff too!!

Get excited for the Star Wars/Disney merger!  It’s already begun!

ESPN’s very own Mike and Mike In The Morning did a Gangnam Style parody…check it out!

Now..check out the outtakes!!

CLICK HERE to see Ellen dressed up like Sofia Vergara for Halloween!