Happy New Year!! I’m BACK!!

Good Wednesday afternoon!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!  I haven’t made a post since last year ;)  I went back home to Pontiac for about a week for the holidays and it was awesome!!  I got to go to all 4 Christmases this year which I haven’t been able to do since I was a little boy, it was nice to have some time off and see the family.  It was also really awesome to go to our 82nd Annual Pontiac Holiday Tournament!  Big time teams like Chicago Simeon, Chicago Currie, Warren Township, Peoria Manual and Joliet West were all their!!  Let me tell you, the Fighting Illini are going to be solid in the next few years!!  Watch out for Kendrick Nunn and Jaylon Tate both from Chicago Simeon, these kids can ball!!  Also, watch out for a big guy named Cliff Alexander!  He’s from Chicago Currie and he’s a beast!!  The Illini Head Coach, John Groce, was at our tournament on the last day to recruit him and watch Simeon play!!  I am posting a few videos below that will show you just how awesome the Pontiac Holiday Tournament really is!  Even though Cliff gets dunked on in one of them, he’s still a beast.  Other than that it was a great break from work but it’s good to be back!!

Well let me introduce you to Mr. Cliff Alexander!!  Hopefully he will be wearing the ILLINI Orange and Blue in a few years!!  All of this video is from the 82nd Annual Pontiac Holiday Tournament!!

Here is Mr. Kendrick Nunn!!  He’ll be in the ILLINI Orange and Blue next season!!  I-L-L – I-N-I

Now this is Morris Dunnigan.  He’s listed at 6″2′ and he’s going to dunk on Cliff Alexander and it’s awesome!  CLICK HERE to see it!!

Well, here’s Kanye West letting the crowd know at his concert that Kim Kardashian is his baby momma!

PSY is looking to retire Gangnam Style so he went out with a bang on NYE!!  Check it out!

Bruno Mars, will you go to prom with me??  Ellen, can you help me out!!