Happy March Madness Day!
Happy March Madness Day!

Good Thursday Afternoon!!  It’s the first day of the NCAA March Madness tournament and I haven’t done any work all day!  Just Kidding!  Get your brackets filled out and see if you can beat me!!  I posted mine on our WDBR Facebook page as well!!

Well Justin Timberlake released his new video for his new hit single “Mirrors.”  It’s for his grandma and grandpa!

Tina Fey was on Inside The Actor’s Studio and she brought back Sarah Palin!

I’m NOT a Heat fan but…BUT I can respect the streak and coming back from being down 27!!

Sometimes you think a deer is dead because you hit it with your car so you put it in your trunk.  Then the cops come and well…watch and see!

Jimmy Fallon & Selena Gomez cover the “Mario Kart Love Song.”

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