Happy HUMP DAY! Let’s get on to the weekend!!

Good Wednesday morning!  Hope your HUMP DAY is going well so far I know mine is!  I did some serious deadliest yesterday and my lower back is a little tight but it’s all good!  I’ll be out of the office tomorrow so there will be no blog post unless I feel like taking some time off from moving into my new house to drop you a line.  It’s going to be a long, long day of moving…uggghhh…I hate moving but it will be worth it once it’s done!

Ok well this video is being passed around and it’s seriously unbelievable!  A lady can’t hold it any longer and she goes potty while the subway then decides to take a shower!  It almost seems planned!!  What do you think?

Once again I’m not very political at all and it seems that Madonna is very political.  She voiced her opinion at a recent concert.  She even stated after this that, “If Obama gets a second term, she’ll take it all off.”  Ummm….that’s not cool…now I really have to think about who to vote for!!  ***WARNING…WARNING…WARNING…EXPLICIT LANGUAGE BELOW***

Ok I guess the latest craze is called “BAGEL HEADS”  Yeah you fill your forehead with saline then push in the middle so it looks like a bagel.  Ummm…wow!!  I think not!

And now a video parody to the tune of Flo Rida’s “Whistle.”  It’s all about the NFL refs!!  AWESOME!

And now the most dramatic reading of the ingredients in Macaroni and Cheese EVER!!

Justin Timberlake might not be bringing SEXY BACK but he’s trying to bring MYSPACE back.  He has revealed a teaser video for the new MYSPACE layout.  It sort of seems like a very interactive Pinterest.  CLICK HERE to see the video!!

GOOGLE MAPS now has underwater street view!!  It’s CRAZY!!  Check this out!!  It’s a shot of Heron Island off the coast of Australia!!  CLICK HERE to see this view!!