Happy Hump Day…Bulls, Illini, and SRD!!

Happy Hump Day!  Hope your Wednesday is going GREAT!!  It’s going to be SUNNY today with a high around 50!!  Enjoy it cause rain is coming tomorrow!!  Well, I just want to say that I hooked up my new Peavey speakers in my basement this morning and they are rockin’!  They sounded really, really good!  I know that is just in my basement so hopefully they will sound good at any crossfit events I might be doing or parties!!  Lots going on today…not only do the Bulls play tonight against the Bucks but the ILLINI have a huge game against Minnesota as well!!  To top off those games, I have a park district league game at 9 o’clock!!  Talk about a packed night!!  Oh no!  Dang it!!  I forgot to set the DVR!!!  Oh well, I guess I’ll catch the highlights on SportsCenter!

So check this out, a couple got married on a hot air balloon and then it came crashing down!!  I hope that doesn’t mean their marriage is going to crash!!

Do you know who Willie McCoy is??  He’s the guy behind the Chili’s “Baby Back Ribs” jingle…he just passed away and had one heck of a funeral!!  It was actually on TLCs new reality show “Best Funeral Ever” and it was all about BBQ!!  See some of the video here!!

Aj McCarron is the quarterback for the BCS National Champion Alabama RollTide!!  He’s also dating a super hot girl who was a former Miss Alabama!!  Watch this interview when he finds out just how popular she is on Twitter!!!

I love when Mario Bros. goes metal!!