Happy Hump Day And All That Good Stuff…hahaha

Good Wednesday almost afternoon! Happy Hump Day to you! Getting over the “HUMP” of the week and moving towards the weekend! Not much is going on with me right now. I thought I would drop a blog real quick before I head off to CrossFit Instinct to get my WOD on!
I think my dog has learned how to do the whole dead weight thing. See the past few days since it has been so nice outside, I let him outside most of the day to run around and be a dog instead of staying inside all day. Well the good thing about having him outside all day is that when I come home at night he’s super tired and goes to bed. Well, he must be getting super tired because this morning I said, “Let’s go outside!” and he didn’t move! I tried picking him up out of his chair and he was doing the whole dead weight, I’m not going anywhere thing! It was crazy! I then tricked him with some cheese and he went outside. Little guy is getting super smart :)
Make sure you tune in tonight at 7 o’clock for Blake’s Bender! I’ve got FREE Sangamon County Fair Passes to give away!

Talk to you tonight!

D.j. Blake