Happy Hump Day!!

Well one day it’s election day the next day it’s hump day!!  Let’s get over this HUMP of a Wednesday and head towards the weekend.  Well not much is going on here with me today, just your typical Wednesday for D.j. Blake.  I’m not a very political person at all but I feel it’s my duty to report on the election so I figured I would just post President Obama’s victory speech and Mitt Romney’s concession speech and that’s as far as I’m going…thank you :)  GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

Well it’s Day #7 of No-Shave November or MoVember…how do I look??!!











This is the next CrossFit event I’m training for!!  Shout Out to my boys and girls at CrossFit Bloomington Normal!!  Moustache Clash!!  This is the first event!

Obama’s Victory Speech

Mitt Romney’s Concession Speech

How to split an apple with your bare hands!!!  I’m going to try this and post a video!!

Well there’s a new GERBER baby in town!!  CLICK HERE to see the ORIGINAL GERBER BABY, Ann Turner Cook.

CLICK HERE to see the NEW SCHOOL GERBER BABY, Mary Jane Montoya.

You are not suppose to post pictures of you and your ballot!!!  CLICK HERE to see Beyonce’s photo!!