Happy HUMP DAY!!

Good Wednesday Morning to YOU!  Hope your HUMP DAY is going well so far!  We are getting you over the HUMP and heading towards the weekend!  Looks like it’s going to warm up a little bit which is fine by me!  I want to get back out on the lake a few more times before it tries up!  That’s how crazy dry it is!  Anyways, not much going on with me today.  I got some great news this morning, we are having another year of TAILGATE WITH BLAKE!!  Keep listening to see if I will be coming to YOUR school before a football game!

Do you drive a 1994 Honda Accord?  How about a 1998 Honda Civic?  If so, get a new alarm system on it!  Those are the most stolen cars in 2012!  See if YOUR car made the list!  CLICK HERE for the list!

Well the wonderful Simpsons might be one of the best all-time television shows ever but they can’t seem to sell stamps!  Post Office’s ran 1 billion Simpsons stamps and only 318 million were sold so…do the math…$1.2 million in printing costs down the drain!  Take a look at the stamps!  **Picture Provided By U.S. Postal Service**

Well I guess we all now know how Prince Harry likes to party…with no clothes on!  He was in Las Vegas and what happens in Vegas…gets put all over the internet!  Strip Pool with Prince Harry and Friends!!  A new show??  Hahahaha!  CLICK HERE to see the photos!!

Ice Ice Baby is getting a remix!  That’s right!  A fresh remix made for ZUMBA is about to hit a ZUMBA class near you!  Check out footage from the Zumba Instructor Convention!

Well this is a very weird commercial for AXE Hair products.  Check it out!