Happy Hump Day :)

Good Wednesday morning!  Happy Hump day to you!  We are getting over the HUMP and heading towards the weekend!  Well, I’ve got some serious news right off the bat that I want to talk about.  Mr. Christian Bale, the man who plays Batman in the Dark Knight movies, went and visited the victims from the shooting in the hospital yesterday.  I think that says so much about him as a person.  You might not like him as an actor, or you may not think you like his as a person but I hope this might change your mind.  We are talking about a big time movie star who not only released a statement about the tragedy but he took his own time to fly to Colorado and visit with the victims.  He could have stayed up in his mansion wherever that is and not even worry about it, but he didn’t!  That says something about him as a person!  **see a picture of him below with one of the victims**

In other news or rumors, it’s being said that Kanye is working with a jeweler and designing a special ring for Kim Kardashian.  Reports say that as soon as the divorce is settled, he’s going to pop the question.  Nothing like taking your time Kanye!  Good golly!  We shall see what happens!!

Everyone loves a good prank right?  Well, it seems that a few of the boys from One Direction are pranksters.  Check out the video of Zayn and Louis pranking the other boys in the band.

Check out this new summer drink called AIR.  Water + Alcohol. Carbonated…CRAZY!  I don’t really know what the video has to do with the product but oh well…looks cool.

Everyone loves INSTAGRAM right?  Well now you can take all of your INSTAGRAM photos and print them on a chocolate bar!  AMAZING!

For your pleasure, the new Owl City ft. Carly Rae Jepsen – Good Time

And here is the photo of Mr. Christian Bale with a victim from the tragedy in Colorado!