Happy Hump Day!

Good Wednesday morning to you! Hope your HUMP day goes by quickly! Once you get over the hump you are almost to the weekend! I had an epic fail last night at work. I was in the break room cooking my steak and once it was done I put my brocolli in the microwave and walked to the studio to check the time. I came back to the brocolli and picked it up and began to walk towards the studio when out of no where the bowl got extremely hot and yup I dropped it! DANG IT! Brocolli EVERYWHERE! Uggghhhh! I felt like an idiot! Yes I picked up my mess but I didn’t get any veggies last night and that’s not cool :( Hopefully tonight there is no dropping of the food.
Make sure you head downtown to the PCCC and see our staff at the Business Connections! Our new afternoon jock, Jason, will be down there broadcasting LIVE from 4-6 so swing by and say what’s up!
I’ll be in the studio at 6 o’clock!
Talk to you then.

D.j. Blake