Happy Hump Day

Good Wednesday afternoon to you!  It really is the afternoon, it’s 12:01p.m. when I just started typing!  CRAZY!  Anyways, hope your Wednesday is treating you well today.  Mine is going great except my dog made me a few minutes late for work.  I didn’t know it was National I Won’t Come Inside When You Want Me To Day!  Usually Divot will just sit at the door and just wait for me to let him in, not today.  I went outside to get him and once I did that, he thought it was a game so he decided to run around the yard like a mad man!  Then, he noticed that I left the door open so he sprints inside the house before I could wipe his paws off!  Luckily, he didn’t have any mud on him or it would have been bad for the both of us.  Other than that little adventure this morning nothing else is really going on.  I hope you are ready for tomorrow and Friday!  It’s the WDBR CARES FOR KIDS RADIOTHON sponsored by CEFCU!!  Help save the life of a child right here in Springfield!!  Two days of amazing stories of kids who have more fight in them than any of us!  Stories of amazing doctors and nurses!  All money stays right here in Springfield at St. John’s Children’s Hospital and the Children’s Miracle Network!

Well it’s Day #14.  I did a clean shave around the beautiful moustace and that makes it stand out even more!!











This is EXACTLY what I needed to get me through the last days of November!!

So what do YOU think about when you are heading home for the Holidays?!  This guy says what we are all thinking!  So true!

Puppy vs. Doorstop…who you got??

Madonna and PSY did a nice mash-up at a recent concert!