Happy Birthday To You!!!

Good Wednesday morning to you! I want to take a quick minute and wish my wonderful girl, Melissa, a very Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day! I know everyone wants to know what I got her so I might as well tell you…she got a brand new very bright life jacket for the jet ski and some peanut brittle :) She also has a surprise coming this weekend but I can’t say what that is but it’s awesome! Happy Birthday Melissa!
In other news, my cousin lives in Oklahoma City and man did they get hit with some serious storms last night! Check out the picture of some hail! He said this was after it melted for like 10mins before he could run out and grab it! WOW!! Mother nature got crazy! Everyone is ok so that is good!
Not much else is going on today, just doing my thang and I’ll talk to you at 6 o’clock tonight! Have a great day!


D.j. Blake