Happy Birthday Claire!

Just want to take a quick minute to wish my wonderful cubicle buddy, Claire, a very happy birthday!  Claire is our graphic designer and helps all my stuff like blog, videos, website look AMAZING!!  Have a great day Claire!!  Heard some disturbing news today, reports are saying that the Aurora accused killer, James Holmes, actually sent notebooks of what he was planning to do, to a psychiatrist at the University of Denver.  They didn’t arrive until Monday so he didn’t plan that very well if he wanted us to see them BEFORE he did it!  What a creep!  This guy is just creepy and sick!  Stay Strong people of Aurora!  GOD BLESS!!  In other less important news, I’m going on my first float trip this weekend!  I’m super excited!  We are leaving tomorrow morning and heading down to Missouri!  Tonight when I get home let the cooking and packing begin!  I will hopefully have some pictures to share once I return!  If you are looking for something to do tomorrow night, make sure you head down to CATCH 22 and see Kapitol Sound!  They are an awesome band and I play basketball with a few of the guys!!  They are down there from 10pm – 1am!  Stop in and support local artists!!

Twitter is a rough place for celebrities!  People will just say ANYTHING they want.  Well, put yourself in the celebrities’ shoes and see how they react when they read these horrible things!  Thank you Jimmy Kimmel for this!

Do you always miss the garbage can when throwing something away?  Now, you will never miss!  Check this out!

In the future things will be different!!

A simple and mind blowing illusion!