Happy 4th Of July Weekend!!

Good Friday Morning! Hope you maybe get to leave work a little early today and start celebrating your 4th of July! I really try to take a minute on holidays like this to think about why we have them. I encourage you to take a minute to think about all of our soldiers and troops! All of them from way back and all of them who are active right now! Think about them and be thankful! They faught and are fighting for our freedom! I want to say THANK YOU and GOD BLESS to ALL THE TROOPS from past to present and from near or far for giving me the greatest country in the world to live in! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I salute each and everyone of you!! I do have several friends and classmates who have served and are serving our country and it really makes me proud! My roomate, J. Williams, just took off today to defend our country and I couldn’t be more proud! Love ya “J”!!!
Please have a safe and happy holiday!

D.j. Blake