Halloween Party and CARDINALS!!

Good Monday afternoon! Hope you are having a GREAT Monday and hope you had an AWESOME weekend!! I’ll give you a quick weekend re-cap for me.
Saturday – worked our Zoolie Ghoulie at Henson Robinson Zoo. D.j. at a Halloween Party at my house! Celebrated a CARDINALS WIN!! Then went to sleep.
Sunday – woke up and cleaned up from halloween party. Went to my g/f’s family for some visiting. Watched the NASCAR race, took a nap, gave my dog a bath, ate some food and watched the CARDINALS game…they lost :( I did some laundry as well!!
That’s about all I did this weekend!! Did you do as much as me? Hahahaha!!!
Tonight I’m going to be in the studio CHEERING my heart out for the CARDINALS!!! It’s a MUST win!!! Only 3 games left!!
Well, back to work for now!! Talk to you soon.

D.j. Blake