Got a fresh fade this morning!

Good Thursday morning! Hope your day is going great so far! Well, I went and got a fresh fade today! I’m looking’ FRESH and feelin’ FRESH too! Thanks to Shelby at Bently’s Hair Salon in Rochester for the hair cut! You should all go to her to get your hair done!
I’ve been told that I blog a lot about sports which might be true but it’s only because that’s what I love and I hope you don’t mind but since we are on the sports topic…sort of…what a game last night for the OKC Thunder! Down 7 points with like 2 minutes to go and they comeback and win by 2! AWESOME game! Ok, no more sports in the post I promise.
Sad news in the music world this morning, Donna Summer dies at the age of 63 after a long fight against cancer. R.I.P. to the Disco Queen!
Well since I said no more sports I guess that’s all for this blog today ;)
Talk to you at 6 o’clock tonight!

D.j. Blake