Good Weekend…The Re-cap!!

Good Monday to you! Hope your Monday is going well for you so far!! It’s a nice day out today and then it’s going to get cold and crappy again so enjoy it!! I had a very fun weekend, I’ll give you the re-cap!
Friday night at work I watched the BULLS get another win!! AWESOME!! Saturday I got up early and got a nice CrossFit Instinct WOD in!! Then I went bowling for the first time in over a year since I broke my hand last year!! I bowled a 182 first game!! It was AWESOME!! I want to get into a league now!! Also went and saw the movie “Contraband,” it was AWESOME!! I recommend it to everyone!!
Sunday was a nice day also. Woke up and went to chruch then off to the gym and shot a music video!! That’s all I can say about the video but trust me, it’s going to be GREAT and YOU will get to watch it as soon as it’s done!!!
Well, back to work on this Monday!! Have a good one!!

D.j. Blake

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