Good Tuesday To YOU!!

Good Tuesday Morning to YOU! Hope your day is going well so far!! Mine is going great! Thanks for asking!! ;) Just wanted to mention a nice win for the BULLS last night!! I was watching the game and thinking to myself, “Man, the Bulls are just beating the crap out of teams with our 3rd string and it’s AWESOME!!” They are looking really, really good and it’s exciting…that’s all I’m saying about that :)
In other news…be on the lookout for a BRAND NEW music video from D.j. Blake!!! I’m not releasing any information but it will be out this weekend so keep checking our WDBR website and facebook page along with my twitter @djblakewdbr It’s going to be AWESOME!!
Read an article today and it’s actually true and applies to me!! Check it out…TOP 5 Outfits Guys Secretly Hope Ladies Will Wear (no particular order): #5. jeans and tank top #4. librarian look #3. cocktail dress #2. fitted sports jersey #1. Yoga pants
YUP!!! You got me!!! All 5 for the most part!!!

Ok back to work…talk to you tonight at 6 o’clock!!

D.j. Blake