Good Morning…or is it afternoon??!!

Good Morning! Hope your Monday has been great so far! Hope you had an awesome Easter weekend! I had a great one! I headed back home after the Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday and just hung out with the family and some friends and came back yesterday early evening!
Is it morning or afternoon??!! I’ve been up since well, very,very early this morning! If you missed it, I filled in for Dave today on the Dave and Dina morning show! It was a blast! Dina and I had a great time! She even had me talk about CrossFit Instinct and the CrossFit And I Know It video! What a great time! I guess it’s still techincally morning but feels like it should be the afternoon!
Well, I’m going to get out of here! Get some work done and call it a day!!

Talk to you tomorrow!!

D.j. Blake